Best supermarkets for foreigners in Phnom Penh

If you plan on cooking at home, this comprehensive guide has an interactive map plus reviews of the best supermarkets in the city.

Best takeaway sandwiches in Phnom Penh

Our picks as the best takeaway sandwiches in Phnom Penh. The main ranking points are proper western breads, top quality fillings and level of satisfaction.

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Prepare for insane noise pollution while living in Phnom Penh

Prepare for a constant barrage of insane noise levels in Phnom Penh. Loudspeakers crackle from dawn till dusk as 50,000 hammers pound in unison. Earplugs don't work. Professional noise cancelling headphones aren't enough. Learn the mental and physical realities and prepare before you arrive!
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How to find the Canadian Embassy in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh has a small Canadian Embassy (inside the British Embassy) that largely serves as a link to consular services from the Bangkok office. If you need to renew your passport in Phnom Penh, this guide will help you to navigate the murky waters of the the Embassy's wonky operating policies.

Balcony gardening in Phnom Penh

Everything you need to get a gardening project going on your balcony. Learn where the find the necessary equipment, the best gardens to buy tropical plants from, plus recommendations of plants that do great on Phnom Penh balconies.

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Better living or dirty living in Phnom Penh

A look at the pitfalls and potential rewards of an expat life in Phnom Penh. Understand the lay of the land, then learn from the failures and successes of other expats who roam this town.