Starter Guide Arranging a work permit and visa in Phnom Penh

Arranging a work permit and visa in Phnom Penh


Arranging a work permit and visa in Phnom Penh

To enter Cambodia, you need a passport from a first-world country (USA, England, etc) that has at least six months validity. If you come from Africa, Bangladesh or other such poor countries, different rules may apply.

Upon arrival at the airport you can procure a Tourist visa (T) or Business visa (E).

  • Business Visa (E): USD $35: can be extended for one month, three months, six months or twelve months (although extra steps will be needed)
  • Tourist visa (T): USD $30: can can be extended for one month only

Converting a Cambodia E Visa into a long-term resident visa

If you plan to stay in Cambodia long-term, the next step will be to convert your E visa into an official one, within 30 says. At present there are three options:

  • EB visa (for workers): multiple entry work visa
  • EG visa (for job seekers): this allows you to stay in the country for up to six months, after which you must convert it to an EB to stay longer
  • ER visa (for retirees): no documents needed if you are over 55

How to secure a Cambodia EB Visa

Officially, to quality for an EB Visa, you need to already possess an E visa, and a stamped letter of employment from a registered Cambodian company. After getting your visa, you will also need to arrange a Work Permit (a separate document, at cost of $100 per calendar year).

How to arrange your own freelancer visa in Cambodia

Cambodia is a great base for digital nomads, with fast internet, low cost of living, great weather and awesome people. Fortunately, Cambodia also has the most cutting-edge system in place to allow digital nomads to live here. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the country on an E Visa
  2. Pay an agent $100 for a work visa
  3. Pay an agent $35 to register yourself as an independent businesses
  4. Pay an agent $290 for a one year multiple entry visa

There are a number of travel agents around town (many in the Riverside area) who can help. Lucky Travel is the most famous. CT Travel (Riverside, no listing) is another good option.

CCT Travel, Sisowath Quay Phnom Penh
CCT Travel on the riverside can get you sorted easily


The total cost (as of this writing) to stay in Cambodia long term using the ‘digital nomad method’ is around $560.

However, conditions have gotten significantly tighter in the past few years and that trend is likely to continue.

Thailand serves as a realistic blueprint of what’s still to come. We expect the following conditions will roll through soon, as they did in Thailand:

  • Financial checks before letting you in the country
  • Deeper scrutiny of onward travel plans
  • Immigration spot-checks in schools (already happening) and expat bars (not yet)

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