Wat Ounalom Phnom Penh Cambodia

Moving to Phnom Penh: relocation guide

The ultimate guide for moving to Phnom Penh, breaking everything down into simple steps to ensure a smooth move into a relaxing life.
Cambodia entry visa closeup

Arranging a work permit and visa in Phnom Penh

Getting a visa to Cambodia is harder than before but still quite easy. This brief guide gives everything you need to know to get your visa sorted smoothly.
Quiet neighborhood street in Phnom Penh

Choosing an area to live in Phnom Penh

Featuring an interactive district map and succinct breakdowns of the most popular places where expats choose to live in Phnom Penh.
ABA Bank on Sihanouk Boulevard in downtown Phnom Penh

Money and Banking in Phnom Penh

A complete guide to money and banking, including reviews of Phnom Penh's most foreigner-friendly banks.

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