After closing down their tiny Phnom Penh embassy in 2009, Canada opened a new diplomatic office in 2015, located inside Phnom Penh’s British Embassy (Google map). It is staffed by one local official. While the Phnom Penh Canadian Embassy cannot issue new passports, they can help arrange one by via the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok.

Making use of the Canadian Embassy services

The Canadian Embassy is located inside Phnom Penh’s British Embassy. It’s a long 45-minute tuk-tuk ride through heavy traffic from the center of town. They recently built a typically crappy government website that doesn’t contain any details. Thus, if you make the long trek out there, you might be disappointed to know that the Embassy operates under fixed Hours. In addition, an appointment is needed.

It’s not clear on their current site that an appointment is needed. The only means of contact is via a generic contact form. To save time, use the contact form to ask about an appointment, before making the trek down there.

Consular Services Provided

If you need to renew your Canadian passport, Bangkok is the nearest Canadian Embassy that can issue new ones. The Canadian Embassy in Phnom Penh is able to help by processing the paperwork, collecting payment and transferring your documents to Bangkok and back.

This is quite handy, as a passport renewal takes 20 working days to process. Instead of having to fly to Bangkok and wait for almost a month, Canadians in Phnom Penh have a much easier alternative.