City life Best takeaway sandwiches in Phnom Penh

Best takeaway sandwiches in Phnom Penh


Best takeaway sandwiches in Phnom Penh

Sandwiches are an essential part of happy expat living. While there are plenty of really high-end sandwiches served all over this city, this article focuses on sustenance from the perspective of a lone-wolf expat living in Phnom Penh who wants to eat a quality sandwich.
None of the sandwiches on this list will blow your mind (except for Fatboy Subs). All the rest will fill your belly like a proper western sandwich is supposed to.

Get in shape next weekend, this week you worked really hard! C’mon… you only live once! Drink beer and eat sandwiches.

Takeout friendly

The key is that all are takeout-friendly. That means you can pull up to any of these places, order easily, get your food fast and then scurry home to devour quality sandwich num-nums while watching Netflix.

Phnom Penh sandwich map

Phnom Penh is a small town with but there is enough quality in the city to satisfy sandwich lovers. You’ll find deli-quality hoagies up north by the Riverside, a Carl’s Junior (and Burger King) central, and the widest choice of great sandwiches down south in Tuol Tompong, aka the Russian Market.

Map of Phnom Penh's best sandwiches
Google Map of the best sandwiches in Phnom Penh

Fatboy subs Phnom Penh

Fatboy submarine sandwich shop Phnom Penh
Best submarine sandwich shop in the city

This is absolutely the best submarine sandwich in Phnom Pen, without question. Fatboy’s had the perfect formula:

  • Perfect bread
  • All imaginable sub toppings and sauces
  • Quality meats piled high

PP Expat has tried every sub on the menu – they are all great, exactly as advertised. After trying them all we found our favorite and have no need to order anything else when we want a rock-solid submarine sandwich that really sticks to your ribs.[/vc_column_text]

Fatboy club submarine sandwich, Phnom Penh
6-inch Club (ham and bacon) , loaded (minus green peppers) with Swiss cheese and ranch dressing

There’s probably around 800 calories in there – do light breakfast and lunch, have this as your as your main meal of the day and you should only get slightly fatter. What ties the whole sandwich together is the bread: perfect flavor and just firm enough that you can eat it with one hand – it will hold until the last delicious bite.

Fatboy submarine sandwich, Phnom Penh
6-inch Fatboy Club sub with Swiss cheese and ranch dressing

Fatboy Subs review

Bread5-starsThe best submarine sandwich bread in town: firm, hearty, delicious
Fillings5-starsThey have everything you could want
Price5-stars$6 will get you a loaded 6-inch sub
Satisfaction5-starsMeaty pleasure that will stick to your ribs and put you down for a nap

Directions: Fatboy Subs Google map & user reviews

Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza Phnom Penh
Serving up substantial portions of quality American food

Street 123 is one of the most understated tourist streets in Phnom Penh. Lined with cafes, bars and eateries, it’s a pleasant strip with an international, touristy flavor. Towards the northern end of the street is a serious contender for best sandwich in Phnom Penh. Brooklyn Pizza is an Aussie-owned restaurant offering western quality service, atmosphere and food.

They serve massive pizzas, substantial burgers, heaving pastas and a superb selection of sandwiches. All come with a salad or fries and are priced very reasonably, given the quality and size – this is a heavy feed! Our favorites:

  • Cuban: pulled pork, ham and swiss on ciabatta ($6.50)
  • Parmesan hero: breaded chicken or eggplant, meatballs, mozzarella and tomato sauce ($6.25)
  • Cheesesteak: grilled steak or chicken breast with peppers, onions, mozzarella ($6.50)
Brooklyn Pizza cheesteak
The cheese steak is a hefty sandwich loaded with steak, cheese, peppers and onions

Brooklyn offers dine-in- delivery and pick up service. The sandwiches take around 15 minutes to prepare – slightly longer than generic fast food – but the wait is worth it.

Brooklyn Pizza review

Bread4.5 star ratingAll sandwiches come with proper western bread
Fillings5-starsExcellent quality and generous portions
Price4.5 star ratingSlightly more expensive than other options, but worth it
Satisfaction5-starsTheir delicious sandwiches will leave you feeling satisfied for hours

Directions: Brooklyn Pizza Google map & user reviews

Joma Bakery Cafe

Joma Bakery Cafe Phnom Penh
Joma’s Tuol Tompong branch is a good choice for a great sandwich

Joma is a slickly-produced (Canadian-owned) cafe run to impeccable standards. Fight your way past coconut vendors and tuk-tuk drivers and enter a completely different world. It feels like a classy airport lounge, with air-con set at the perfect temperature. Staff are bright, attentive and super-friendly.

They sell a number of made-to-order sandwiches including a cheesteak ($5.70), a create-your-own-sandwich option for $4.20 and wraps. Our favorite is the chicken pesto sandwich: roast chicken with pesto, tomato, olives and feta cheese on a toasted baguette.

Joma pesto chicken sandwich in Phnom Penh Cambodia
Joma’s pesto chicken sandwich is delicious

The sandwich is served fast. The bread is perfect. The quality fillings are substantial. The experience of walking into the blissful chill cafe is worth it on its own. The sandwiches are a bonus – definitely among the best takeout sandwiches Phnom Penh has to offer.

Joma Bakery review

Directions: Joma Google map & user reviews

Mollyda’s Sandwich Shop

Molly Sandwiches Phnom Penh
Located right on the Street 172 tourist strip, near the Riverside

Molly is a Cambodian fireplug with a fascinating history touring war-torn countries around the world. Upon returning to Cambodia she worked at a few sandwich shops before launching a sub-shop that rivals Fatboy’s.

Mollys Italian sub Phnom Penh
6-inch Italian: salami, pepperoni, smoked ham, mozzarella, choice of toppings and dressing

Molly’s is located on the tourist drag of Street 172, so she pulls in tons of holidaying punters. In addition she does smashing business delivering sandwiches to international school English teachers around the city.

She bakes her own bread, roasts her own beef and the ingredients are all top quality. Molly loves to chat. Catch her when not busy and she will regale you with tales of the drunken shenanigans that keeps Street 172 lively.

Molly Subs review

Bread4.5 star ratingVery good, but a notch down from Fatboy's perfection
Fillings5-starsThey have everything you could want
Price5-stars$6 will get you a loaded 6-inch sub
Satisfaction5-starsAn excellent sandwich that will always satisfy

Directions: Mollyda’s Sandwich Shop Google map & user reviews

Aussie Gourmet Bakery

Aussie Bakery Phnom Penh
Great sandwiches and the supplier of Phnom Penh’s best sandwich breads.

The owners of the Aussie Cafe also own AGB Bakery, which supplies most western supermarkets in Phnom Penh with their breads. While Asian breads are sweet and soft, AGB makes it just like back home. They offer multigrain and white sandwich bread, burger rolls, ciabatta, panini and more.

AGB bakery bread, Phnom Penh
They supply the whole city with proper western bread

In the cafe, you can order sandwiches off the menu, and customise however you want.

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BLT Panini from Aussie Bakery, Phnom Penh
BLT on toasted panini with side salad: $5

Aussie Bakery review

Bread4.5 star ratingTheir western-style bread is sold all over town
Fillings3.5 star ratingQuality ingredients, but limited options
Price5-stars$5 will get you a great sandwich and garden salad
Satisfaction4-star ratingPortions are smallish - works well as a light lunch

Directions: Aussie Bakery Google map & user reviews

Banh Mi & Bros

Banh Mi and Bros Phnom Penh
French fusion banh mi variations near the Russian Market

French-Vietnamese operation Banh Mi & Bros uses the best baguettes in town (from here) and stuffs them with a number of banh mi variations, including unconventional ‘fusion’ options like pineapple pork, curried shrimp and chicken satay.

Their flagship product is their Saigon-styled Special Brothers banh mi ($3.80). It’s very good – stuffed with thick slabs of (imported Vietnamese) pork tenderloin and ham, pâté, pickled vegetables, salad and coriander. You can taste the quality of the meat, while the chicken liver pâté spread really ties the whole thing together.

Special Bros Banh Mi
The Special Bros Banh Mi is their signature sandwich

However, our favorite sandwich from Banh Mi & Bros is their Banh Fish ($4.50), which is like a super premium version of a Filet-O-Fish. It’s a thick battered fish filet on a sesame seed roll with cheddar, salad and very good tartar sauce.

Banh Fish Sandwich from Banh Mi and Bros
The Banh Fish is like a premium Filet-O-Fish

In our experience, these take around 15-20 minutes to prepare, so if you want for takeaway, order ahead of time.

Banh Mi & Bros review

Bread4.5 star ratingThe baguettes they use are the best in town
Fillings5-starsHigh quality ingredients all around
Price4.5 star ratingMost sandwiches are less than $4; the premium ones $4.50
Satisfaction4.5 star ratingSandwiches come with small side salads and work well as a light meal

Directions: Banh Mi & Bros Google map & user reviews

Meatball King

Grilled meatballs from a street cart in Phnom Penh
This tiny carts sells grilled meatball sandwiches

If you happen by the corner of Streets 155 and 464 (right near Ankor Mart) you will find the most curious thing: a typical Khmer sandwich cart, selling delightful grilled meatball sandwiches of a quality you’d find in the finest Philadelphia hoagie shack.

Grilled meatball sandwich Phnom Penh
A half-roll costs $1 and comes with pickled vegetables and sweet beef sauce

A half roll stuffed with three meatballs comes with bag of pickled vegetables and a side of sweet sauce that has beef chunks in it. We have no idea what the deal is, but these sandwiches are excellent. Order two, add cheese and tomato sauce and you’ve got a deli-quality hoagie – on the streets of Phnom Penh!

Meatball King review

Bread4-star ratingCrusty Khmer-style baguettes
Fillings5-starsThe grilled meatballs are delicious
Price4.5 star rating$1 for a half-roll is great value
Satisfaction5-starsOrder 2 for $2 and make a meal out of it. Adding your own toppings (cheese, mayo etc) works great
Directions: no map of their own. Check our Phnom Penh sandwich map for the location.

Carl’s Jr. American burgers

Carl's Jr. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The best American fast food chain in Cambodia

McDonald’s doesn’t exist in Phnom Penh, so Burger King held the fort reasonably well until the arrival of Carl’s Jr. in 2016. It tastes just like it does back home. However, the lack of fast food (and processed food) in Cambodia has an effect. We ate Carl’s twice in a week once and broke into hives – it was just too rich for our Cambodian style diet. Even so, it’s a great option when you really want a taste of home.

Carl's Jr. hamburger and chicken burger
Eight dollars worth of American goodness in Phnom Penh city

In the cafe, you can order sandwiches off the menu, and customise however you want.

Carl’s Jr. Phnom Penh review

Bread3 star ratingProcessed American burger buns
Fillings5-starsJust like back home
Price4-star rating$7.50 will get you two large sandwiches
Satisfaction4-star ratingFantastic taste, but rough on the digestive system

Directions: Carl’s Jr. Google map & user reviews

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