City life Best supermarkets for foreigners in Phnom Penh

Best supermarkets for foreigners in Phnom Penh


Best supermarkets for foreigners in Phnom Penh

Cambodian street markets all over the city sell fresh fruit and vegetables, non-refrigerated raw meat, live fish and takeaway meals:

Typical street market in Phnom Penh
Cheap groceries at a Phnom Penh street market

Fortunately, those wanting a western style supermarket have plenty of options:

Phnom Penh supermarket map

Lucky Supermarket

Lucky Supermarket on Sihanouk Boulevard (downtown Phnom Penh)
Foreigner friendly, large selection of imported and organic goods

The Sihanouk branch of Lucky Supermarket attracts people from all corners of the city. As a newcomer, this is a great choice as your first supermarket. They cater to all expat groups: for westerners, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Indians. Any time of day, it is a fascinating window into Phnom Penh’s expat diversity.

Lucky Supermarket review

Meat selection5-starsHuge meat & seafood aisle with quality Aussie steaks
Bread selection3 star ratingThey only stock a weird French brand that tastes funny
Imported products4-star ratingDecent selection of Japanese and western imports
Fruits & Veg5-starsHuge selection with tons of organic greens
Alcohol4.5 star ratingThe only thing missing is tallboy beer cans

Directions: Lucky Supermarket Google map & reviews

Thai Huot Supermarket

Thai Huot supermarket Phnom Penh
Pretty cashiers, frozen berries, tall boy beers and more

This supermarket seems popular with international school teachers, Japanese families and random expats. They have everything you need (awesome bread, good meat selection, tons of cheeses) in a well-organised space resulting in an always pleasant shopping experience. One thing they stock that others don’t is ground and deli chicken – for those on lean meat diets, this is a winner.

Thai Huot supermarket inside view
This aisle stocks cheese, meats, vegetables and frozen goods

Thai Huot Supermarket review

Meat selection4-star ratingSmall but decent
Bread selection5-starsBlue Pumpkin bakery in-house & AGB western breads
Imported products4.5 star ratingSolid range of sweets, cereals and frozen goods
Fruits & Veg4-star ratingSmall but varied
Alcohol5-starsPlus points for stocking tall boy Sapporo cans

Directions: Thai Huot Google map & user reviews

Super Duper Supermarket

Super Duper Phnom Penh
Best selection of frozen imported foods in the city

This is the king of expat supermarkets in Phnom Penh. They have smaller meat, cheese and veggie sections, but a massive selection of imported foods: frozen burritos, TV dinners, hash browns, Chunky soups, canned goods etc.

Western foods in Super Duper freezer
Nobody will judge you (to your face) for eating this way in Cambodia

Super Duper Supermarket review

Meat selection4-star ratingSmall but decent
Bread selection5-starsFull range of AGB western breads
Imported products5-starsBest frozen imports in town
Fruits & Veg4-star ratingSmall but varied
Alcohol4-star ratingGood stock of Aussie beers, but no tall boy cans

Directions: Super Duper Google map & user reviews

Aeon Mall Supermarket

If you live near Aeon Mall, it has a massive supermarket on the ground floor with everything you’d expect, plus a growing selection of Japanese delicacies (sashimi, onigiri, karaage, etc). In addition there is an excellent international food court just past the cashiers with an amazing selection of cheap food: Cambodian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese.

Aeon Mall Supermarket review

Meat selection5-starsThey have it all
Bread selection1 star ratingNo western bread
Imported products5-starsThey have it all
Fruits & Veg5-starsThey have it all
Alcohol5-starsThey have it all

Directions: Aeon Mall Google map & user reviews

Russian Market mini-marts

If you live in the Russian Market area, both of the following offer everything the big supermarkets do, but on a smaller scale, with a more neighborhood feel:

  • 99 cent Beer Lao tallboys
  • Great selection of Monster energy drinks
  • Excellent cheese selection
  • Full range of breads: wholemeal, multigrain, ciabatta, etc

Angkor Mart

Angkor Mart, Russian Market Phnom Penh
A friendly Russian Market supermarket for the masses

Just a few meters from the stalls of the Russian Market, this super friendly neighborhood shop has fruit, veggies, meats, cheeses, cereals, beers, cup noodles, vodka, viagra, toothpaste and more.

Angkor Mart beer selection Phnom Penh
Angkor Mart boasts a nice stock of beers, ciders, wines and hard liquor

Directions: Angkor Mart Google map & user reviews

Royal Mart

Royal Mart Supermarket Phnom Penh
Meets, cheese, western bread, tall boy beers and even apartment rentals!

Just down the road from Angkor Mart is a side-street alternative with all the same trappings but a much more neighborly feel. It’s a family-run operation that also rents out apartments and serves as pillar in the community. If you live near here, this will become your regular.

Royal Mart Phnom Penh supermarket
Beers to the left, dairy drinks straight ahead, meat and cheese on the right

Directions: Royal Mart Google map & user reviews

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