About PhnomPenhExpat.com

Learn about the mission of our wonderful group of dedicated volunteers.

Barry Whole


Barry is a strong activist, focusing on saving forests, stopping pollution and teaching recycling techniques

Stevie Lineker

Managing Editor

As a strong believer in the healing power of nature, Stevie manages edits with a holistic approach.

PhnomPenhExpat.com is an information website about expat life in the city. Content is contributed by volunteers for a few reasons. First, it gives them purpose to get out and explore the city. Second, it gives them valuable experience in hands-on web publishing. Third, it gives them valuable portfolio pieces that they can use to build their writing careers. 

Note that most of our writers prefer to remain anonymous. That’s because Phnom Penh has a small expat population and expat media coverage isn’t common. Rather than stick out in the crowd with a microphone, we let our articles speak for themselves. 

That said, if you wish to contact the writer of any article on this site, use the contact form to reach out.